the natural world as personal experience

This world is indeed a living being endowed with its world soul and its intelligence… “a single living entity experienced as containing all other living entities”(Hillman), which in their nature are all related through its beingness. It is what we experience through each thing from inside its visible form. “And just as we are a physical body with a soul, so is the world a physical body with a soul” (Vaughan-Lee), and that soul is its experiental essence. There is a direct relationship between all living, our individual soul, and the souls of the world. A direct relationship hidden inside of us. Once we lose that relationship we loose our physical body’s experience of itself as part of all physical matter, and that it contains the natural substance of our sense of the world. Of the experience of feeling present in oneself. And be able to observe it, to see it in others. To be able to personally perceive what moral reality really is. This is where we go when we reflect, when we have to seek answers of our own, and to get this other person within to answer. This is the world when it is alive. This communication is the soul of our neighbour. An animal. The soul of a mountain. The soul of a tree. It is working with our experience from within creation as our source of substance within our body. This wisdom, this knowledge; this presence is that Nature within us. It is the source of what we are.