The great grandmother being

The great grandmother being has several characteristics, and our first meeting with her as Sarakka can be very confusing because it is she who relativizes everything and mixes time and space in constant dialogue. She is the shuttling to and fro of opposites, of arguments and affects. She is our self-regulating and constant compensation for all contradictions and inadequacies that we are constantly trying to balance and adapt to. She exists in all the opposites that we constantly experience as an external and internal division of all that is. They are all united in her, the mother of all opposites. When she is not respected, she can drive anyone crazy.

Like Uksakka, she is the inner consciousness, the place as a passage, an identity that arises in conjunction with a place that she has made accessible through our senses. An inward-looking towards stillness and inner concentration. She is the enlightenment and understanding personified. Her path is inner truth, trust and insight. She is an access to were we entered this world, to the place were we where born. To the threshold in our transition from the outer physical place to the inner experience of what it is in itself. She can make us forget to live.

In Juksakka, she is independent and self-sufficient. She makes us emotionally distant, and fills us up with ourselves. We have a sense of being enough in what we are. We do not constantly make ourselves available to others, and we fiercely defend, protect and take care of the integrity of our inner self. She perceives it as a weakness not to be able to take care of our inner being on our own terms. She is the instinctive knowledge and truth of nature and the immediate experience about the knowable. In stark contrast to the affirmed and immovable in consciousness which is just seen as something lifeless, a repetition of what is, what have been, and always will be. Instead of the personal in constant renewal, something that we must always be in. What we are as individuals in our physical and intellectual relationship to nature. She’s also close to the source. Watching over its purity and early innocence. She is the one that keeps us alive because she is both demanding, challenging and protective at the same time. When she is not respected, she becomes terribly cruel, heartless and destructive. In that sense, we will really become absolutely ruthless.

As Radien-akka / maderakka, she is the constant return of everything. Our physical sense of belonging, of truly being part of life. To be a part of, and in everything that is. She is life as a constant recurrence. The moral conditionality and the concern for everything temporary, of beingness just allowed to be what it is. She is the care and concern for everything created and the physical feeling of closeness to it, and its dreadful disappearance. Our feeling of the temporary in an inner timelessness that we also are. She is the enbodiment of Nature as something constantly present, our bodily communion with all life, a sacrament and the incessant renewal of life itself. Without her presence, We do not exist. Nothing could ever exist.

She is all of them, and none. Because she is just one. But we have to live them all.