the consciousness of shared existance

The attitude of the collective consciousness that we, our politicians and our media must face in our actions is that we try to provide people around us with something different from what they already have within themselves. It is not up to us or anyone else to replace what has already been in people since the beginning of humanity with something else. There is already something to develop there that we are trying to understand the importance of, as this constantly tells us something about ourselves and our lives. The real problem is that people do not take this internal relationship and what it communicates seriously. I am talking about reflection as a cosmic property in its own right. Not only in relation to consciousness but also as something from beyond consciousness. Something we commonly identify as opinions and then confuse with reflection. Reflection is an act of awareness, a listening to the personal teachings that is using our life, and everything that occurs or happens in it as a means of giving instructions. This is a solitary thing. Something between me, my interiority, and my life. So no one should in any way interfere or meddle with the inner experience of someone else’s relation to the greater perspective of personality that comes to us from between our impulses and our actions. With our communion to the personal unseen. And since this relationship is deeply personal, and only exists for that person when he is exposed to the powers of his existence through reflection, no one should try to force himself to come in between this and him or her. If we do, our inner life will only become a contradiction in terms. This is a personal thing not be formulated in creeds, or forced upon anyone who is, or is trying to get in touch with the interior relations of his life. Its good though to have someone close who really knows whats going on. Because from time to time it is extremely demanding to confront it. Not least to keep our “opinions” to ourselves.