snow white and the mirror of the mind

I think we all have to work with a soul like the witch in Snow White. She who says; mirror mirror on the wall. Just like her it is how we reflect ourselves in people around us. We want what we prefer to see of ourselves to also be the image that is reflected back from people around us. We use people as make-up mirrors to hide our need to maintain and control the image we have about ourselves. Politicians, priests, teachers. In leaders at all levels. In science and thinking, like people around us we are an extension of her and not of a relation to what transpersonal powers that we embody. As soon as we decide how something is or should be, we not only impose restrictions on ourselves but also on others. We transfer our own limitations onto them in what we don’t accept of that which does not fit into our view of what is appropriate in our relation to general and recognized values. That which we deny ourselves that has become our wounds. Our fragility. Our defenses. Our inability to recognize others in their own relations to that in them which is something intrasubjective in its own right, independent of us. That which also bears witness to the powers within us that influences us in their own unique way. Of what we have in common within us and can share when we are subject to them. With genuine recognition instead of with our defenses. We are so afraid of that reality. Of that within us that we protect and see in Snow White. So instead, we expose our wounded inner person, and others to the witch, to the restrains we put on ourselves and on those around us. Originally she has two sides. An embracing embodied side with a sense of personal security in it and a cultural one in her connection to us as mother earth. But here with our wounded and distorted relation to her that has become wicked. Everything that is natural, spontaneous or instinctual becomes surpressed for the image she wants to see of herself. As our compulsive ties to people, things and ideas. She may be seen as a distorted primeval version of Rádienáhkká, and Snow White as an excessively voulnerable and romanticized version of Radien-niejta, our personal relation to psychic reflection, to a psychological consciousness, but who is constantly tormented by her cruel and degenerate primal mother who is obsessed with her self-image, and constantly afraid of Snow White’s genuine emotional presence, her kindness, care and beauty, and how the world is attracted to her despite of how we treat or try to hide her within us. There are a lot more details and nuances embedded in the story, but with the mirror as its center it was what was projected on to me in my vision of it.