our existence rests upon our sense of a threshold

In the Sami world of psychic experiences, there is a living thought of the doorwoman, Uksakka. She was connected to the earth, Mother Earth, and was responsible for the integrity of all who entered and left her world. The hut exemplified the balance she monitored, and the attention it is about. Whether we have access to it or not. She decided this by her will being noticed by the one who entered it. In this way, she was the one who guarded the threshold between the outer world, as it exists independent of us, and the inner metaphorical one, which creates our symbiosis with the outer one so that the transitions took place between them with respect. Uksakka also resembles the ancient Egyptian perception of this represented by Maat. She too, controlled everything that traveled over her doorstep. It was about balance, truth and the order of things. She was the platform on which everything rested and the balance between what we have within us and the Nature we are a part of. That respect was weighed by her against a feather. No access was given to anyone who, without her consent, tried to take his weight with him from our physical existence and transfer it without her permission. She demanded, just like Uksakka, that our symbiosis between them be obeyed without them mixing too lightly with each other. Because without paying attention to them, to their order and justice, chaos ensues, and we get stuck in the underworld. Without her, people are going crazy there. Every time we enter someone’s existence, whether it’s an animal or another person. His or her home. His or her essence. We cross a threshold. And this is what we need to pay attention to. Our world depends on it.