on the experience of uniqueness

We all fall in love. Duh. And the feeling is common to everyone. Duh. But we can only experience it individually and personally. Also duh. When we are in it, it will really make us feel unique. The same is true with all other experiences that moves us whether it’s just this one experience we want to share with others, or it’s something else we all have within us. Being intruded upon by raw nature makes us feel unique. And we sense ourselves as equally unique however we come to express it. But when we do, it is not doing it that makes the other unique. It is his or hers own experience that does it. There are so many other things that makes the other a unique person, without what we add to that person. So the real question is whether what is left in that other person without us will be enough for a lasting relationship afterwards. When our sense of feeling unique needs us to share more of our unique experiences. For the more we share, the richer the relationship becomes and vice versa. But in order to share the personal experiences of our nature, it has to be processed a little because we can’t share them raw. Much of it may also be new to us. We don’t really know how to relate to it yet. But we must dare to access it, be what it wants. Not through anyone else. But to access it as something that is also part of everyone else in a non-processed form. Just like when we’re in love. It is actually a little strange that so few dare what we experience beyond the initial intoxication of it. But to make us feel more real we all want to be more in a relationship, not less. We want to feel a little intoxicated by ourselves. But together. We just have to go after it.