on psychology and experience

The general view and attitude towards psychic consciousness that most share is quite distorted as it does not emphasize others experiences from their occurrence point of view. If people experience anguish or anxiety because they feel separate from the processes going on within them, then these processes get classified and evaluated outside their context and considered from a perspective separate from our experiences. But the people who go through them and have to deal with them themselves have nothing to do with what anyone thinks about these processes separately. They experience them directly. The treatment then does not end up with the person who experiences them, but in someone outside of them trying to treat the description they have of what they are going through. Also, the language that describes these processes are individual relations to a living reality quite different from the terminology generally used to formulate this kind of influence, since we recognize them not just by what they do, but also by their personal character in relation to our senses in our daly life. In this manner, self medication in various ways becomes a viable alternative to many people today. It has almost become a sacrament, a dark religion.