I’ve talked to myself all my life

Everyone talks to themselves. Whether we process knowledge we have acquired, or treat what occurs spontaneously from sources within us. What we often do not think about is that we also do it through others. We use others both to talk to what affects us spontaneously, and for the knowledge we have obtained and transfer back to others or to society, regardless of whether it has something to add to the other person’s interaction with himself and his sources or not. We transmit ourselves, often not even noticing that we are doing it. In that way, we lose communication with ourselves and we become dependent on the objects of our interaction with our surroundings. We forget our own conversation and try to replace others with our own. We do not listen to the common psychic sources we have and how our forces there affect us independently of our desires or cultural needs. We just keep on trying to control our communication to our self by flooding others. People who do not acknowledge this always tend to get annoyed and perceive others as self-absorbed, not that they themselves in the same way ignore their own inner conversation by denying it in others. Anyway, the one I have with myself gives me the peace I need to be able to have a relationship with my nature and with others who are aware of it. The rest is just noise.