in the world of ideas

In the encounter with primordial knowledge, with the flickering light that reflects the great soul of which we are a part, another shape also awaits us in the forming of our vision of the original patterns of energy in the underlying universal field of potentiality. It’s the timeless one. The source, and the advisor who give guidance. He who is our inner counterpart to our soul that is our connection to the soul of the world. He has always been there with directions, waiting for us, as we wrestle with ourselves, formulating psychic experiences, and help us consciously understand and interpret them as a result of our embodiment of the soul of the world in the meeting place that exists in the space between us and ourselves, in its coexistence with nature. He is our before the beginning and the experience of timelessness, the living force of all ages. If I separate us and stop believing that I am him. Let him be what he is in himself. I will become part of that larger world he want to express. In this sense it is also apparent that our world is rejuvenating right now, and the old authoritarian rigidity connected to him is disappearing for a new and more open trust in the space between us. It is happening in our relation to Nature, the great soul of the world right now. Because when we meet with her reality, we also have to deal with the experience of the living force of all ages. We have to wrestle with the attitude of authority as opposed to a sense of union with our personal reality of the soul of the world. If we can handle this rigidity in a personal and individual way without it turning into destruction, but instead into a compassionate reflection of how our world”s connection is to us, there is hope for future generations. If we choose the old way, that hope is gone.