I live in a mental Ice age

Most people today are so preoccupied with personal ideals, having the right opinions, constantly looking for them and themselves everywhere. Just to replace others with what they want to see of themselves to cover a sense of loss of their human part, and what they have forgotten about beingness. It is like living in a mental ice age. No one wants to see the awful things that come out of it, and from those that live around us in this. Of what is happening in our immediate vicinity. What our senses tells us about our absence of having genuine relationships. We relate to each other with our limitations. Not with what we are, but with how we think we should be. With fear, and with what others might think of what our feelings and experiences are, and not in a real life. Having a sense of authenticity. It’s like being emotionally handicapped in the world. What is the point of being in it if we do not allow ourselves to relate to what it really is instead of what it should be. We are all the children who learned this lesson, and we have learned it by heart, we know it without thinking about it. And we teach our children how to continue to be like this through our own limiting behavior. I truly hate it. It is awful to see and experience up close.