energy as embodied life

In some of the encounters we make with others in our lives, we get to experience the full power of our combined inner energy. Henki if you are Finnish or from northern Sweden. “Libido” if you are psychologically oriented. We will see it in something or someone else. It is through that person we then try to approach the raw power we experience in ourselves. Many people think this is love, it is not. It is the real encounter we have with ourselves without reservation, but seen through someone or something else. We have dressed the other person with our inner form and energy, and then, unknowingly we think that we can make them go beyond themselves, because we cannot allow them to restrict how we see that other within ourselves. It is when we do not understand this that we become narcissistic. So we have to find a new way of relating to both, to what is in us and what is in others. Because what we see and reflect in ourselves has very little, or nothing to do with that external person, and that person can never be the experience we have of this, no matter how much they try to fulfill the form that begins to take shape within us. No one can carry our inner psychic person and the energy it conveys to us. But later, when we have endured it long enough, we may discover its existence, and that it is also something we experience in everything around us. It becomes a reality when nature itself is embodied as a psychic experience that is neither within nor outside of us. It is both.