Differentiation is a product of a passage

To experience something other in oneself is more to me than just a personal involvement in a force that we have avoided in our contemporary limitations of established and accepted personal functionality. There’s much more beyond that. Any individuality, mine in particular, in itself always questions the dominant attitude of a society’s relation to place. Because we are so accustomed to pairing personal growth with a constant piling up of known facts, and its thinking on how to defend this chosen stack of what we know from what we may have missed, that we have forgot how to participate in the interiority of human experience. We blaime others for what we have missed. For being foreign to us, having an imagination or a mindset outside of our own. I agree to that we differ from each other in what we imagine, but not in what their underlying processes are. If that were the case it would not be possible to share anything with anyone else. Thats why we are so connected to everything. And thats why our nature is so deeply connected to place.