being is close to life

There is an active, intelligent consciousness in the space that is us. We turn it into a common me and our relationships between you and me in an independent interaction. It is like a timeless body of now, everywhere at the same time. It is also a body with a kind of shared participatory power and knowledge outside of the individuality that is common to all of us, and in this way it is also a non-material experience of an immediate space of information that wants to be expressed by itself through us. Here we take the invisible to the visible and materialize our non-material reality. Our senses are part of this space with our impulses, and we cease to exist as a property of mass and become patterns of psychic energy. These patterns, or forms of energy, determine the true nature of our relationships, and we visualize the order of this information as we interact in this shared energy space between us.
We move into it, release our physical energy, show ourselves, and then flow apart, but we can stay in touch and act as if we were one thing, no matter how far apart we are. We are these shared mind-like forms of a potential that finds its reality in us. It both directs and coordinates our flow of life whether we want it or not.
It is as if our choices are being routed and meandering along an internal roadmap.