being creates the ancestral order of time

The I-ness of the world separates us from the reality of beingness. Of our relations to it. Since the content of consciousness formulates our “wordview”, it becomes confused with distance. But consciousness is a space which can only be expressed in symbolic order and form. Today it is primarily used as our inner I-ness of a collective identity, we identify it with our “model” child within, and its projected narcissism. In this way we only learn to confirm what is, to name “things” and tear ourselves apart in a madness of antinomies. We grow up to “think”, and create spatial orders of things. But we exclude the order of our interior experiences of the world which can only be expressed by our imagination outside of time. Our world is an imagined place, and we refer to it with a narrative which directly relates us to being. Consciousness is expressing itself in this narrative, in the symbolic content of its own order. It is not created by our superficial I-ness. Consciousness relates to our knowledge of beingness, apart from I-ness and its existence. Being, runs as a resonance in the personal relationship we have of space-time, and its timeless origin that constantly flows into our consciousness, thus creating this direct knowledge of an appearence in all “things”. It is individual existence in itself. In the past, present and future. It is also the explanation of existence. It is our connection to the “between”. To our reality, physicalized and grounded in the streams of raw nature, and in the actual moment of an existence in beingness as place. By this I-ness, we obscure the personal experience of “knowledge”, and turn everyone into an alphabetic structure of history where we are separated from our internal experience. From here and now, and the order of forms created by an energy that is transmitted into consciousness, where it is always held in symbolic integration to the visible world. A world which is shared by all beings, but not by the isolation I-ness creates of itself in consciousness. It is an invasive I-world mostly determined by someone elses structures. This view kind of dissolves the sharp boundary rationality maintains between what we refer to as nature and as culture. But I see nature as unlimited in its manifestation, as containing mentors and guides, in all its forms of energi.