about the movie – The Wind

In the movie “The Wind (2018)” we get to follow how we face our interior life in the shape of a woman. Like her, it is done with a disconnected collectives mindset, stuck on the prairie without a living communion to the environment. So that place becomes forbidding and it will be perceived as something wild and hostile that must be cultivated. That’s why it turns violent on her when it is being neglected for trying to relate her back to its origin through her. In this way, the woman comes into conflict with her own interior in the form of a vision of a ghostly priest when she tries to force her collective individuality to the land during her attempts to apply a relation to nature, outside of nature’s own inherent moral conditions. But her true nature is much closer to the earth and wants to use her connection to reality as a means of reinterpretation, and to create a new perspective on their relationship. But her principles of life seems to be in contradiction to the personal nature of her unprocessed mind and religious views. She fails to establish a relation to the flow of her imagination, and to her life as an ongoing individual process connected with earth and to a reflection on her relation its imagery. As with people of today, this is driving her out of her mind. She get lost in herself, and in the end, she becomes a victim of her inner world, and her own nature as it tries to be recognized even without her commitment. To sum up, this is a frighteningly realistic movie on what is happening to us in the world today. As individuals we get lost on the prairie. Our inner house is constantly assaulted by forces out of our control. We try to keep them away with a compulsively rational attitude. With ideas about what it is that haunts us. But no ideas can prepare us for this reality since our ideas are that reality. They emerge out of it. Also, we can visualise this movie as an image of a collective, as the raw unprocessed nature of what may be behind the attitude of the west and the impression we get from modern United States. And looking at it from yet another perspective, if we don’t listen to that continuous voice we have of mother earth, to being, we will get lost in it. Her dreams in our interiors will become confusing and incomprehensible. The relationship we have with our living environment will turn itself into a nightmare.