a way of being in the world

With our psychic consciousness we are in contact with what is within what is outside of us as everyone and everything has a part in it from within. Without a connection to that energy and tension within which is greater than the ego and come into existence in others at the same time as it come into existence in us, as if it were our own personal experience, we only feel half together with others. We live with a basic feeling that there is no greater authenticity in our relationships, between ourselves and others. Our relationships with our surroundings do not feel genuine enough. We are not in the psychic force field that animates them. There is always something that is or is being left out and missing. We don’t feel whole. That is our psychic consciousness, or the other half we come to know through others. The lost connection to our sense of being part of a greater totality. Our psychic birth depends on enduring this tension. Which is traditionally what religious thought and spiritual training has been about in the past. But this is beyond that. Where words have no meaning. It is the direct experience of nature as something out there of that which is also something within. That is why the meaning of psychic reflection now comes with the realization of the oldest ways of being in the world. And the worst thing we can do to this is to use words and thoughts that limit or distorts how we get to experience this relationship to the underlying psychic functions that formulate the forces of the whole of which our inner person is a part.