a natural way of ”thinking”

Tonight it suddenly struck me that, what if there is a way of functioning in which that function is a sort of a mingling of all the others? What if we have a function that takes all the other functions and blend them in a way that makes them more of a sense than a sort of a type? If this is the case it will transcend them. Maybe this is what intuition is in its mix of instant associations between the senses. It really creates a profound sense of acquiring an understanding of something in a way that memorizing facts never does when that creates a certain body of knowledge. Because this is what that function does in a constant individual flow of experience which make up the core of the hidden psychological aspects behind our ordinary daily life. And therefore we have difficulties explaining our experiences in simple words or by the use of any of the other senses separately. This function explains by itself its ongoing dialog with all our life experiences, together with nature at the same time. And it is better understood as a construction of reality that one is born with, which embodies our most general conceptions of a wordless order from where it also limits the amount of explaining we can do, and in its own way, it will also transcend the experiences we acquire out of any single lifetime. I think traditional life is built on moments like this, and that this is what is missing in todays social life.