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The sense of place as personal identity

We don’t derive our individuality from some combinations of collective identities like sex, race, social class, vocation, nationality, or religion. In contrast, we have only one important sense of personal identity that is imbued in us in our earliest childhood. We are coming from one context only, the sense of place.
The question of identity, of who i am, is resolved in me as a child by being the full implication of where i am.
Personality is that connection, an extension of that childhood place. We are its stuff of existence. This life potential of land. Our mothers carries a life whose essence belongs to this place, and in that sense, a child’s identity will become determined by his or her’s place of derivation. It is that child’s self-sustaining and imagining substrate.
Life is this becoming of an annexation of that place.

Behind the ongoing presence

My consciousness rests upon something that mediates reflection, a kind of place, and a perspective in its own right out of which moments of energized visions in ordinary events appear.
It is my guiding principle. I think it is a voice from life itself. A life imagined.
With that, there is always incredibly high expectations on women.

I am not your imagination

If i really think about psychic happenings, about our inner subjective life, our imagination, the ideas and perceptions that we use as tools to refer to them, its quite easy too see that our perceptions of life relies on something that is projected on to us. They contain the energy pulses of recognisable patterns originating from behind what we imagine, and it is from that source they are then formulated and transmitted to us.
Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that we as individuals from whatever different background, traditional or not, may experience this imaginative reality that is projected from the world outside as something not really belonging to us. Rather, it is something of a general agreement that is trying to turn us into an intellectual extension of their own imagination, of their ideas and their perceptions of reality. And if it originates from a christian background, its easy to see that images of authority and heroism stands out as very important for that mindset to maintain a coherent reality. It will appear to us as a kind of generic agreement referenced as the only acceptable use of psychic energy. However, if you have a different psychological setup than that, you are going to experience problems adjusting to this rigid and stereotyped reality. Because it confuses our total set of relations of living to only a few isolated moments of imagination determined by a kind of narrowed down inner life.
But from within our reflections our visions also occur. And as an inner guide they have a wider application than just being restricted to authority and heroism. There are many more attributes to psychic energy than that. And i cannot force myself into an unrepeatable creation, and someone else’s historical or subjective vision. That will only separate me from my own reality. From the ordinary, every-day, abiding experience of reflection and the interconnected unity of all things. With earth, the community, to cosmos, and with the ultimate reality as a perspective of individual relationships to our guiding principles of energy and inner reality. And even worse, i might start to behave like there can be only one single form of psychic, spiritual or intellectual reality.
So somewhere along the path of life, we have learned to put the unacceptable somewhere. What we are, but not allowed to express. I mean all of that which we now have to transform into guilt and blame. It is psychic hygiene. It is what we do to be able to limit ourselves to an agreeable reality.
What do we do with it? We cannot just turn all that guilt and blame loose on the world.
But still, this is exactly what we do.

Dr. John H Todd on Planetary Healing & Ecological Design

Once again we can let nature become our instructor and teach us its way.

the difference is the middle ground

Between me and the phenomenology of events there is a reflective moment. It appears as a vision of space, as a perspective that opens up a difference between me and everything that happens. This is where everything have always turned the goings-on into experience. And the quality of that have somehow had the ability to separate itself from all of my literal identification with its inherent affection.
It is in there knowledge leaves its dependency of physical representation. Every experience changes its objective in this space making me the recipient of its intentions by means of metaphorical logic.
I think it is this constant transformation of experience that is the only thing that can give meaning to life.

the agreement of evil

There exist a sort of reality consensus. A generally agreed upon to be reality. It is the source of all evil.
Of our guilt, and the blame we put on others to deliver us from our own evil doings by this consensus.
This is the physiognomy of the world. The world we live in as shaped by our minds.
It is what we all have in us. What we have forgotten about ourselves.
It is this psychic disease we infect the world around us with.

Ideas as a personality of another kind

I have come to realize that what i think or imagine, and what i accept as my reality, really appears to me as having this physiognomic quality of its own.
What i relate to and call experience obviously has a phenomenology and a reality in its own right.
Its behaviour is actually independent of me.
I cannot recognize experience as the source of all things. Its appearance is more like the behaviour of an interior reality making itself personally known from behind what i imagine.
It is something making its point with the energy of my impulses trying to break free from the literalization of my perceptions.

The making of humans

Every individual is part of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which place everything returns. We live in this contantly re-created timeless substantiality.
Time in this sense, is a world of shared relationships with every other phenomenon as part of a total set of time. It is the absolute aspect of reality behind all life.
From this we are able to grasp the invisible patterns of life as they are composed of the impressions that creates a relation of continuity to being out of which we transcend the life experiences of a single lifetime. We use to relate to this by traditions, from where we observed and maintained all extra ordinary experience of energy that came into our existance in our daily lives.
It is a part of us that permeates all existance. It is what makes us human.
While a modern society primarily focus on making professionals, traditional learning have always focused on making people humans first.
Today we have taken on the painstaking dilemma of how to make them both at the same time.

I am not your intellectual property

I can only speak for myself, my soul, sui generis, when i say that my senses have been colonized. I have been this intellectual extension of something else.
By indoctrination my mind and essence has been the intellectual property of others, and in that sense my experiences have also been foreign to me and pre-conceptualized into that other.
To me, people really seem to believe that constantly having a lecture of ideas and presenting facts is how we should relate to each other.
But I do not derive my being from that. It is not how i am made accessible to myself.

at the heart of knowledge

From within the memory of our dna, we receive instructions from nature as a first-hand experience of having relationships at the heart of knowledge.
But for most people of today, the reality of knowledge is only to be found within the emotionality of collective opinions.

being is in the memory of dna

There is always a balance between our senses directed by the ordinary material world of what is knownable a posteriori and the world of experiences created a priori, of itself and complementary to what we do know. It is what we are from the point of view of our memory in the shape of our dna. We can never know what it is in itself. But we act on its impulse. On its instructions or guiding principles.
It is our relation to life.

on the religion of the ordinary world

Life is our religion. Of our belonging to a certain time and place. And to the sense of having experiences of continuity which trancends the individual experience of a single lifetime.

experience is causality

We are this shared relation of two different states of being with everything else. In our experience of causality it switch its behavior within the same objective phenomenon of matter from where it originates into personal energy, and at the same time, as it is able to act in different places interchangeably, and in completely different individual structures of space, this experience is an ongoing creation personally manifesting itself as imagination and form.
We share the same origin and phenomenological source that is described by theoretical physics. Another great way to describe it is by the term everywhen.

A mask of fiction

Without any access to my primordial side, to this living connection of psychological ancestors, I will easily fall prey to shallowness and become completely preoccupied with the opinions of others.
In another sense, i will just become a walking fiction, an externalized character of what my imagination has made of conformity, the personality I have learned to be.

on the importance of cultural traditions

I now realise that the great emptiness i sometimes experienced in my youth was the missing and partly forgotten cultural tradition that i needed to have to be able to process the forms that provide us with the symbolic shapes and meaning of our physical reality. It is really a strange and bewildering experience for anyone to try to live and find a way surrounded with that kind of desolation.
Our experiences will not make sense to us, no matter what they will teach us at school.

an aspect of what we can’t see

Having previously dreamt of a bear, and not long ago being chased by a bear in a dream, later also wrestling with one until we came to an exhausted stand still infront of its cub. The bear obviously have a vivid symbolic reality in me. Some of the processes going on in me seem to have put the bear at its center. Suddenly i think i understand some of the rituals connected to the bear and other things otherwise unknown to me as they become realised in a way that is really not supported by my actual life. I try to follow up on it, listening to its almost imperceptible phenomenology. But in reality some of the patterns governing the bear in its life is simply something i just relate to as being a shared behavioural pattern by us humans. We are the same, and we share some of our personality traits as they are part of our behavioral setup too. And none of us like to be abruptly waken when we are sleeping.
It is really an impressive and dangerous animal when its private space is disturbed.

The spirit of the bear hunt in a modern society

I have come to believe that what is known about the finnish and sami bear ritual is something we can still observe in our modern society of today. There are some rational beliefs surrounding this, and bear worship or bear cult is the wording used by academic mainstream thinking when they are referring to them. I don’t think there is any doubt about the known ceremonials involved, or of the rituals used to come into a communion with the spirit of the bear. But i reckon it is a scapegoat ritual rather than bear worshipping. The killing and eating of the bear was in its traditional sense a ritual for the renewal of spiritual beingness transferred to the bear, and a respectful ceremonial of death and rebirth in a controlled ritual hunt as an outlet for forbidden acts of aggression and blame that has accumulated in the community. In the killing of the bear, it was extremely important to let the bear know that the blame was his, not theirs, and the hunters where very careful not to take any of that blame with them back from the hunt. In fact, everything involved in this ritual was about being cautious not to let the bear blame them for his murder. So the blame was transmitted on to the bear. By waking it up from its hibernation the bear turned on them att full force. So the hunters must have been very alert and keep their heads to be able to handle the tensity and its rage. Intuitively, my senses tell me that the whole hunt is more of a clensing ceremony. A ritual transfer of guilt, of handling aggression, and to put the blame on the bear for him to carry it back to the spiritworld. Ultimately, it seems that the hunt was aimed at a spiritual revivification of a group or community. We still have it today. The hunt is there but the ceremonials are gone. So it continues to live on in a hidden and distorted form outside of ritual handling where it doesn’t belong, and we turn it loose inside the community itself and tear both the community and each other apart.
This is actually what is happening today. We hunt indiscriminately both people and animals with our rage, and we blame them for our actions. This is how we relieve ourselves of the phenomenology of our actions, no matter how obvious it is for any bystander to actually observe that the aggression or blame are coming from us as we move it out of ourselves and place it on something else.

On the nature of spirit animals

There is always some misunderstanding involved in words that make sweeping statements, like totemism, which is about our predetermined nature of behaviour, and the voices of energy behind all lifes instinctual patterns that is guiding man, animals and plants. A word says nothing about the focused listening that involves identifying and acquiring the gift of some esteemed patterns by man from within himself. Of what is to be achieved by deep reflection, and the finding of the same psychic patterns in the symbolic source of life for either a specific need, or for use as guidance.
What is called totemism is about coming to terms with our entering into life from behind life itself.

a world as image

I live in a sort of inverted world.
People don’t use physical masks to personify or express ancestral powers. Instead, they use these invisible masks and postures to mimic positions and exercise the behaviour associated with them while referring to them from within their chosen incarnation.
It’s quite maddening because it turns people inside out and depreciates the experience people may have of their individual reality.

my mind and its materialism

If i didn’t have this sense of a touchless, living framework forming inside of me to put my experiences in, my only option would be to put myself in a learned fiction of some memorised reality, and then start to think that the knowledge i now put in front of me, is what i am.
Oh my, isn’t that just exactly what I have been doing…
When i do this to myself, i become split up into a lot of different acts and fictions of reality. Of what is right or wrong, good or bad, or sick and healthy, as in the logic of the material settings of a completely intellectual approach to life. And i will fall into a behaviour of ethics totally depended on opposites, to keep up moral, to be impeccable and spotless. And i would constantly try to show others what my moral standards are in terms of dramas that i would create for them. Which i still do. These are dramas that would make me evil. It is what I bring to the world. Something i create to be able to hold the image i have of what i think i am together. I will become consumed by the idea that I am all good and completely loose my conception of what the reality of evil is.
As this is according to the collective beliefs we are trying to conform to, by which my parents where an extension, and to whatever role i may find appealing in a technical sense to present myself in. It is right here that a traditional framework will come in handy to support the energized experiences we have, and the ancestral source of reality as being something collectively useful coming out of us.
Most people are completely at loss in their own experience of having a metaphysical life. Because in this sense, we live our lives in a mindset, a nagging pain constantly battering our senses with a onesided rational environment, promulgating the view not to pay too much attention to our experiences, because of the questioning and embarrassmets that hits us from within our absence of its challenge.
Luckily, such experiences can only be erased when humans become extinct.
And there is no doubt we will be if we don’t come to terms with this anytime soon now.

About a onesided function of the mind

Thinking in itself is the mechanical reordering of a collective set of perceptions and the logic of what is without any connection to the reality of our experiences.

On relationships in the experience of the eternal

Humans, plants and animals are related because in the beginning of a world of experiences they were interchangeable.
”That is to say that everything in the natural world has a relationship with every other thing and the total set of relationships makes up the world as we experience it.”(Vine Deloria)
And time as an experience in this sense, does not pass. It is an aspect of reality. Percieved as passed it is a set of different times in a constant reality of absolute time. Because time has to be part of something. This is what gives our senses the ability to take part in the relations experience have of everything simultaneusly.
It is a constant phenomenological reality we relate to as all time, or sometimes just as eternity.

about presence

It seems more and more obvious to me that the experience we have of our relations is rooted in the perception of a shared reality that goes far beyond any physical differences. There is this common essence of life. An interchangable ability that permeates everything in relation to an acasual natural phenomena of interaction, translated into this language of silence, reflection and nourishment present in all existance.

On the heart and mind of animism

Animism is a word that is used when the phenomenology of a special relation to a place, to earth, to animals, trees or plants is beyond comprehension, because a single word cannot possibly describe the power inherent in the content of these relations. They have to be lived and experienced, mimicking is not life. The understanding of a word in itself cannot contain anything of that energy, or anything even close to the nature of its origin. At best, it is an empty attempt of a materialistic mindset to imitate these relations by way of abstraction.
The cogent respect to all life is absent. It is just not in there.

on the movie Solaris(2002)

Kelvin is a man living a stereotyped rational life outside of himself after the loss of his wife. From here he is suddenly called to a distant world to investigate some strange happenings there. After his arrival he almost immeditately becomes exposed to the influences this world have upon people living close to the atmosphere of a planetary organism compososed of psychological life. Awaken by this, the reality of his lost wife comes to life again in her becoming an actual physical presence. And by not believing this to be authentic or real, he sends her out into space the first time she appears to him. Guilt ridden, he goes through his loss of her. Of what she represented in him. But then she appears to him again. This time he discovers that she can heal herself after she tried to commit suicide a second time by drinking liquid oxygen because of Kelvins rational onesidedness. He sent the first image of her out into space alone, even though he knew that being alone was extremely frightening to her. The second appearence found out what he did. And forced him to answer for it. Meantime she communicates with the little boy that has appeared as the son of his good friend and mentor who made him go into space in the first place. It was this boy he first met and recognised when he arrived at the station.
And in the end, that boys relation to the living image of his wife creates a stand off between his colored and rational science officer, a woman physisist, and his wife. And the choice to stay put with the image of his wife created by this world when the station was to become engulfed by the expanding nature of this psychological world, and to live with the symbolic reality of his wife as a man capable of healing himself, or to return to his former life on earth.
He made the choice to stay true to the image created for him by this world through the apparition of his wife.

About the reality of ideas

Ideas have its own subjective origin and comes with a certain pattern of energy which have the ability to order and formulate experiences. And coming to terms with the origin of those patterns is of greater importance to me than any idea in itself, since it is in that origin i share my experiences with everyone else. It is these very patterns that makes it possible to share experiences as something common to us at all, because they are transpersonal in origin.
When people in the world around me is promulgating a kind of objective, or historical setting present in their ideas, often as a sort of collective validation, they are trying to justify having them and to confirm their credibility to me. I try not to get into it because that doesn’t make them more available to me anyway. I cannot see how i can apply them to my life experiences. They would just disconnect me from having a genuine connection to my own senses and to participate in my own ongoing communion with them.
The origin of most of the ideas given by the collective mind is not present, they have lost their individuality and therefore i cannot attach myself to them. They don’t have anything to do with me, or with the recognition of the symbolic reality that is coming from the creative root of the idea.

The cultural being of best interest

The identification of gender masculinity to the psychological conception of consciousness in both men and women, as an invokation of a distant christian authorative psychopathic god with a need to inflict pain on everyone who does not follow him, or show reverence, is a horrible mistaken identification of the relation we should have to the nature of this experience. And to the function of nature inside itself. This christian type of relation is an old culturally conditioned one on how we should act in its best interest, and in the best interest of it towards each other. Almost everyone in todays society has become this pain ridden follower to its madness. And most have learned its lesson very well, acting accordingly to everyone who do not listen to its substantial claims of the other, or to other peoples psychological setup.
This gives me a good reason to belive that this is the primal root of todays feminism. To the defenses it creates, and the increasing awareness that is experienced as a threat to an old outdated cultural conditioning.

Sunrise and Sunsets

Every day i wake up, i wake up with the anticipation of learning something new in relation to life beyond itself and to creation. And every night i go to sleep thinking about what i have experienced today in this relation. Sometimes the gifts from the unseen are simply embedded in the roots of its connection. And sometimes my physical life have driven me so far off from this relation that it will make me frustrated and irritated. The sense of my being then becomes unbalanced since i am completely out of myself. Centering will be the sunset act of silent reflection listening to the self organizing process of my nature. It has its own way of protecting the unity of the self. And it will bring me really close to the energized invisible experiences i get from within its symbolic creations. It is in the essence of these teachings life is giving its true meaning to me.

the paternal essence of consciousness

The paternal ancestor experience have always emerged out of me as an unknown ever present awareness of new meanings in an ongoing flow of its own creation. It is its own sole origin, something that also appears as a left behind by time in our collective consciousness. It is the elusive primal source of creative understanding and natures own pristine power of vision. A function that impregnates the life giving receptive mother earth. And we channel him in our process of constellated energy, in the subjective origin of what we think is real. Here he is the great ancestral mystery that dwells behind all established thoughts, behind our consciousness, and in the experience we have of our conditioning by collective environments. He is the individualized embodiment of our forming and the representative energy of our immaterial rebirth since we are all constantly recreated out of his stream of metaphysical pre-conscious perceptions.

The maternal principle in all men

When one realises that our parents actually where the extensions of a certain kind of timeless ancestors appearing from a latent world of immaterial experiences, and that mother earth really was the true carrier of the greater maternal principle of life. What follows with that imaginative realization is the physical experience of just how vulnerable the act of her creation are. Suddenly there is this wonderful feminine impulse in which we come into sympathy and communion with earth and its ancient appeal to support everything that we attribute to her, to innocence, and to life in its infancy. Especially that which is not yet conscious of itself. Everything is now an embodied part of her creation. And of the cycles of life. Men, plants, animals and the hidden embryos of all organic life. We are also able to see childishness as an attribute of being unaware of what we are, of the nature of our inner being and of psychic life.
By mother earth we have suddenly obtained a first hand experience of what this mysterious wisdom is that is given to us by impulse, and in the shape of an immediate and compelling experience of what the maternal principle in all men are.
She is even giving birth to our own inner child and setting us up to care for it in everything we observe that is undifferentiated.

Piety is not humility

The whole of my life’s encounter with Christianity has always been to a strange form of dualism with piety. It’s like its there as a remain from an earlier christian mindset. From my earliest childhood the public world has unknowingly tried to use that to eradicate the being part of the human in me. The part that will challenge stereotyping. Even today I still recognize it in the collective behaviors of people and officials I encounter. And it is still used as a means of control with its unrealistic undercurrent of christian piety.
It is believed that everyone must follow its regulations because piety is used as a form of passive aggression to any challenge of its content. You have to pay attention and be aware of the morals of its subliminal life, and submit to its pressure of conformity, or you are to be excluded from social life because otherwise you are going to expose people to what they are outside of that piousness. This is something most people don´t really want to know about at all.
To be conditioned by this piety is to be separated from your senses and the reality of your experiences. You will be partly anesthetized. No matter what is actually done to you in the acts of this distorted goodness. You have to conform to an impossible idealism and become what they want you to be to them.
That is why I have always been kind of unsettling to people around me. I am not a mechanical piece in the architecture of official morality. That is a pious morality so abominable that it way surpasses all biblical horrors in the real world.
But still, people really think they are only good because they are pious people. No matter the drama they continuously must create to uphold collective morality in their pious life.

The alchemy of my senses

I think we are all part of these vibratory patterns of physical energy, where causality in a sense turn our essence into notes in a wave of music that requires time to exist. We are vibrating notes in an unconscious symphony where both living things, and places in our world share a relation to two different states of being with everything else. Our experience of this causality can switch its behavior within the same objective phenomenon of matter from where it originates into energy, and at the same time, act in different places, and in completely different individual structures of space.
This is casuality experienced as an ongoing creation personally manifesting itself as imagination and form.

the mind and the subject

Materialism is the religion of money we experience through trauma.

About leaders and followers

We know that there is something wrong with the world when we learn by a process of indoctrination, and not by having elders as teachers and leaders that are the best living examples of what the end result of our education and life experience should be. No human, in any human society, can really flower until they understand what individual components their human personality contains in a context to its society.
Right now it is more than evident that we try to accomplish this with a shattered experience of what we are, and without any unifying experience that can guide us in our psychic life.
We train professionals but not human beings. And we learn by indoctrination something that is quite different and apart from the reality of how we experience our life.
Ethics flow from the members of the ongoing life of a society, and as such is indistinguishable from its customs. It is from memorising this, we introject and copy our behaviour.

Its a matter of different perceptions

When it comes to be able to act and to live, I have as long as I have lived been fighting a terrible war of past and future tense. I don’t reflect that.
I am a perennial reality of the present. Its dna.
Why make me something else?

My participation in the theory of evolution as life

There is this one continuous uninterrupted stream of life from the point of view of both my psyche and my biology, when I am looking at it in a linear fashion and involving the creation of all life on earth. I habitually associate this with the idea of evolution. But the thing is, I am related to every part of its life, and to all of its various forms of biological patterns and structures. It is what I’m composed of. I am not something differentiated from this as the term species suggests.
I am both an evolutionary component of nature and an inherent psychological potential of it.

One example of my biological relation to evolution is put forward by professor Jordan Peterson, of the University of Toronto. Like humans, lobsters exist in hierarchies and have a nervous system attuned to status which “runs on serotonin”. The higher up a hierarchy a lobster climbs, this brain mechanism helps make more serotonin available. The more defeat it suffers, the more restricted the serotonin supply.
According to Peterson, hierarchies in humans work in a similar way – we are wired to live in them.

It is quite likely that biology in this sense is available to all life as universal structures and biological patterns inherent in the evolution of the physical world. And that we share common characteristics with many different parts of life. In this case as Peterson points out, we have a relation to lobsters.
Another simple example is that with our lungs we share breath with the photosynthesis of trees. And of course, the idea of evolution itself as an aspect of the world within because it is originating from that immaterial substance we call psyche in the first place. Which somehow has the ability to create itself out of matter. Here it is formed as a concept of evolution from its continuous and uninterrupted stream of imagination that we are part of as our common experience of culture and our collective mind. This is not something that has to be specific to just one species.

about the word globalization

Globalization is the word we use with companies and banks for them to be able to utilize all available local resources everywhere at no cost. To maximize their profits where they are not responsible for anyone, or anything, anywhere in the world.
It is really the ultimate disconnection from the earth.

Transforming masculinity

This image is one of those images that in this precise moment immediately made sense to me. I just look at it and there it is. A perfect image of that nonverbal something that is going on, and you cannot really put your finger on what it is. Its meaning just hits you. And at the same time, it brings back many years of working in the presence of modern art in my head, and I realise just how far off the collective mind is from its metaphysical source. There is this great expression of confusion and turmoil searching for meaning in modern art.  But in this image, there is no confusion, it is the ascending essence of male potentiality turning itself into a psychic substance by leaving matter. What a great find!

a substantial fragment of the old

At a certain point in life we become exposed to the experience of a multigenerational being extended far beyond our distant ancestors. We suddenly appear somewhere in the process of life where we are receiving vital information from a new source, one that builds upon another kind of knowledge and on the parameters and possibilities that our personality contained up to this point in time. That part of us experiencing this change is also that part of us that has been unchanged by time. And we have learned not to pay too much attention to it for such a long time that most people are now perceiving it almost in its original or pristine state. Leaving them in a dualistic condition. This eternal part have existed there before the life of any individuality begun, and continues to exist when the life of the individual ends. But as we are in a transformation of beliefs based on the vision we have, and in an experience of assimilating our psychic reality, forging a new formation of that essence together with the presence of the older forms of our nature. This new and nonverbal sense of being will respond to our life and to other people with a world of its own. 

We are all part schamans or holy men

In a sense we all function as schamans. With our more or less involontary manifestations of inferred processes of meanings, moulding our empirical life, we do not proceed into action only from physical facts. Our psyche is what describes how our experiences is going to appear to us. And these processes emanate from an ever present primordial source with its own native tongue, as an ancestral part of our being that goes on weather we acknowledge it or not. They are not a product of our conscious intention. They are more kind of semi-autonomous. We do not invent them, we experience them. So being what we are, expressing these self-revelations of a universal and timeless structure from this preconscious psychic world, we are all schamans with a creative relationship to it, forging our link to the fabrics of life. We are becoming its statements trying to formulate itself to us in imaginative expressions outside of time, and beyond ego centric individuality. This is the substance given to physical life. The original revelations of what is present, and thought of as the purpose behind all social life.

about time and substance

When we are unable to discover our being as part of an individual experience of universal time, and how to live under an aspect of the sacrosanct experience as a reference for us to become humans, we live with what is present but not part of our conscious intention. Our ancestral part of the mind and its empirical world really is a life of its own, with demands of its own psychic assumptions.
Creation here is a kind of instant recognition. Something that is going on both inside us, and all around us at the same time. Its an ongoing process. Not some reprocessed moral dogma derived from certain political or religious historical references in relation to authoritarian ”fathers”.
We define ourselves in respect to how we can make our experiences applicable to the world. And if this is what all universe share as a structure in which all creation participate, is it not just logical to also assume that all creation have the ability to simultaneously relate to every other part of creation to which it also participates?
Which is to say, When a certain recognition is not made part of our conscious attitude, it will reappear to us objectively like something out of fate.
That fate will then demonstrate itself in outbursts of protests to a lack of acceptable leadership, political turmoil, climate change, pollution, dehumanisation, devaluation of psychological processes and religious traditions.
It really gives one a sense of humanity being on a visible path to the destruction of our world. Its almost like the view we have of our world and its present state is about to come to an end.
However important that psychological collective brakedown is, the most important part of this is that it also gives us a hint towards that which really have to change.

The original flow of ethics

If you take the manifestation of a personal experience from its local and individual context and make it a truth applicable to all time and places, you have what politics and religious psychology have of trying to imprint experiences on people and cultures where it doesn’t make any sense.
This is feudalism of thought.
Instead of relying on the purity of expression as revelations within a living structure of recognitions, of relationships from people and their immediate environment, we endlessly repeat some historical significant dictates of past experiences with no connection to the present. And we try to permanent them. But universal time is something to be interpreted as a continuous communication with insights of additional knowledge about the nature of the world. And our ethics flow from that.
It does not flow from trying to permanent historical ideas or events.
The secularisation of any society is always this. The secular doctrine of permanency.

from the perspective of the most primordial

I am only a passage of generations in the shape of the human mind through the experience of the initial paternal principle of form and energy associated with mythology and the cultural products of man.
I am not an idea, or the conceptual and symbolic reality it creates. I am nature, matter and earth.
I am a son by a specific father’s complex, a fabric of the personal unconscious of natural occurrences in every human being. But I am also part of man’s mythology. And the ancestral source that generated me.
That’s what the experience of personal reality does, it exercises the role of fertilizing the primordial forces that impregnate us.

Teachings and reality

I have always sensed that knowledge somehow has departed from experience. And that the vehicle to get in touch with the reality of our existence was lost somewhere along the way in our education. What we experience, somewhere came to a point where it no longer had any representation in what we where taught to think. And the cultural tradition that was suppose to support me with a vehicle for this communion became dormant in my being. But the connection to it did not. People having this connection, cannot get it revitalized out of any academic training to memorize things. We get energized by places and by people. Our individual reality exists in the nature of the immediate. And we experience these patterns of relationships outside the rational habit of diminish almost everything that comes from the impulses that originally generated them.
It is traditional teaching or what we call analytical psychology that will provide us with the reintroduction of our being into this process.
How can anyone ever learn to become human if they never get any teachings about what the reality of our experiences are?

About time and balance

Time is the geometrical concept we use to describe distance, and we habitually apply it to the voluminous content of consciousness. Here it restrict us to our immediate physical environment. And thus, space becomes consciousness.
Outside the concept of time, in absolute time, or universal time, time will lack its physical form and geometrical value of distance. Consequently, everything becomes related to everything else. Everything will exist, influence, and interact with everything else at the same time. Time on the other hand, will always depend on having an individual, or tangible form.
The relations we will have of our experience then, is like being in two different states of the same psychic phenomenon. But each in an individual or different time, manifest either as some sort of matter, or some kind of substance. But most likely as patterns of energy.
By relating only to time, we make ourselves solemnly dependent on distance, not on the actual origin of the experience itself.
Life can optionally be thought of as an ongoing balance between these two states.
We may think that ideas, dogmas or doctrines, are physical realities. Like objects, or “things”. And that energy, or impulses is something immaterial that lack physical attributes.
The truth is, we experience everything simultaneously. We are that reality. Ask any physicist.
Or someone in love.

The world is being

When we are not able to access our nature in a living psychological context that gives substance to matter, the world becomes a distant place.

About matter

There is a guiding principle in everything we observe.

What history is made of

History is the rational concept we use, to be able to put ourselves in ideas and events at the expense of experience, and to describe the actions of people dressed in an intellectually fixed reality, externalised in the substitute personality of a collective.
That is why history in the western and christian sense, may better be described from an individual and human perspective, outside of conceptual history, as a personally experienced horror of reoccuring psychopathic patriarchs, completely absorbed by the ruling principle of power. Something that is more than obvious in the grandiose imagination of globalisation and in the history of economic empires.

about the cyclical economy

If our banks create access to money in a way that drives investors and entrepreneurs, and if this money is simultaneously invested outside the real demand in a market economy, then an economy has been created which is due to an artificial demand and to artificial price increases as a result of where this money is first put into the economy.
We thus get economic cycles that do not always depend on, or reflect, where the market economy pricing and demand are of their own power.
Instead, it will reflect where the banks think they can best serve their interests.
When reality then catches up with these bloated economic conditions, we get a recession with less money in circulation, but with the debt remaining that is the cost of the money that was created and driven the artificial economic upturn in the economy.
In this way, companies and individuals pay jointly for the banks’ speculation.

Banks should work with asset management and lend money. But why do they get to create money in that process?

About reality and experience

Reality in the sense of ideas or perceptions is what you allow your mind to accept, not what you actually experience.

This can make us completely oblivious of an external reality, of what is really going on in the world from the perspective of individual experience. That which make us have an emotional and moral reaction that correspond to what our senses actually mediates to us.
Just look at the news, all the horrors they convey, from personal tragedies to state conflicts, to the destruction of our living conditions here on earth for profit.
It is what we do.
And it is not just a problem with leadership today, it is about us.
What we allow our mind to accept at the expense of our experiences.

I think I do pray a lot

Prayer in a modern sense is to wait for an idea, or something to be realized that is not the result of pure reasoning. We are looking for an answer that is beyond that.
So, what we are trying to do is to put our ego’s at rest for a moment, and create a connection to a source that is not directly available to the ego.
By definition I think this will qualify as praying, whether my ego wants to admit to it or not.
That is to say that we don’t pray to history, or to a past. It is something we do all the time.
Its really a kind of mystery. But we all do it.
It is our base of reflexion.

About the nature of things

There is this substance of matter. Or essence if you like, that is placed inside the physical or material world of objective experience. It is what we call the nature of ”things”. The world from within. We find it everywhere. In people, places, plants and animals. And yet, somehow we seem to have forgotten that we take part in it not only through scientific reasoning, but also directly with our senses. We get access to it as experience filtered through our background and in the psychological layers of our ancestral past.
There is an obvious difference in our approach to reality between them, but they are of equal validity.
From a human perspective though, from the reality of personal experience, and from how we experience things in our world, it is really disorienting for anyone not being able to access our nature in a living psychological context that gives substance to matter.
What this will do to us is to create a suffering that is really quite maddening because there is no medical illness that we can attach to an experience like that. We have become unable to relate our personal experience to a living world. And we have no frame of mind that we can put it in. There is no cure to this by diagnosis, by some pills, or some self treatment with alcohol. It can only be treated by individual experience. And by the expulsion of the conceptual reality of the collective mind.
This absence of relations is something we get from the experience of the world as a symptom.

the philosophical approach

When it comes to the subject of the world as a phenomenon of spiritual experience, or the living source of beingness, one cannot expect not to find that C G Jung has already been there in his research.
This is what he have to say about the spirit (link to excerpt).

“Once we have freed ourselves from the prejudice that we have to refer to concepts of external experience or to a priori categories of reason, we can turn our attention and curiosity wholly to that strange and unknown thing we call spirit.”

His wording is that of a philosopher, but how spot on wasn’t that.

This is what i think every son has to find out for himself, if he is ever to get a sense of any independence from what every father has left behind in him to solve.
Because as an individual in his own right, his relation to the world will absolutely depend on it.

The spirit of nature and the mind of materialism

I like to clarify what I meant previously by the creation of a materialistic, or intellectually fixed reality? Or the concept of reality as an object. A thing.
Take totemism. The kin relationship between people, plants and animals.
The concept of totemism does not explain anything. It just makes human experience an object. And as an object it does not connect to anything. Thats materialistic. There is no living connection to experience.
But if you say that certain plants and people have a kinship because they will heal you, and others are antagonistic and will kill you. You have a kinship with the spirit of that plant that is good for you. The same goes with animals. Certain animals go well together, some with people and others don’t. People have a close relation to some animals and not with others. Thats a kinship. What follows is that with kinship there is a responsibility. You have a relationship of respect to fulfill. And this relation calls for it. If you violate this relationship, it will be the destruction of the life of that experience, and ultimately it will also become the destruction to all kinship relations on which we are dependent.
This is not about ideologies or certain beliefs systems. Its about human experience and a moral obligation to our environment.

About our essence

I think it is because most people right now doesn’t have an objective experience of the essence of our being, and an experience of it as a continuous revelation in communion to nature in both places and people, instead of in history and its events, that causes them to have this compulsive need to always philosophically try to explain everything. To search for external explanations.
And by trying to create a materialistic, or intellectually fixed reality, placing our spirit in concepts and ideas, we really miss out on having an ongoing living sense of reality based on experience in terms of our relationship to life.
In this context, belief is not something that is available to me as a replacement for experience.
And by looking at the world, it does not seem to be working there either.

What is a zombie?

Definition of a zombie.

A person who infects everyone with his or hers addictive need to feed on other peoples flesh for the purpose of trying to materialize its dead soul and bring it back from its deathlike slumber.

Pretty much an image of the spirit of a modern man.

On the spirit of gender conversations

When i was listening to this discussion about differences in gender aggression it suddenly dawned on me what i was really listening to.
It was really not the subject at hand, or the statements made, it was the spirit of their arguments. How they confronted each other. It suddenly made sense to me what was happening.
Mr Peterson was not trying to relate any of his arguments to her. Or create a common ground of mutual interest between them. He was trying to make his point, no matter what. His arguments where non-relational and affected. They came out almost as he was being possessed. And if psychic connectivity is a feminine trait, it was clearly absent. It was not inspired as in a relation to her. To the external situation. There was no kindness or warmth in this discussion trying to bridge a connection by subject on to the other part. It was conditioned and he was opinionated and affected, and he was trying to force his arguments through without really relating them to her.
On the other hand she was trying to diminish his arguments and ridicule individual statements. She was not trying to process any of his arguments based on their own value, making this a discussion about the subject at hand. She was not into the spirit of the conversation. And if objective interest is a masculine trait, her masculinity was destroying her ability to relate with her masculinity to the arguments presented to her. She obviously sensed that she was pushed because the arguments was not aimed for her, but forced onto her. So she then appeared equally possessed, but by her masculinity, making them both have a go at each other with a kind of automatic and confrontational behaviour.
So, if it has ever been masculine traits in women, and female traits in men, this is how I imagine they would appear when they are compulsive. Animating men and creating animosity for women.
I just had to look at the spirit of a conversation to be able to see it.

Have a look.

On the spirit of masculinity

I would like to add to what Mr Jordan Peterson talks about in this clip. And it is that the individual experience and phenomenology of the masculine spirit, when it is being cultivated inside psychological relations, or the feminine, it will immediately become challenged by the dark side of civilization, which it cannot neglect any more. This will in turn lead to a sense of a deep moral responsibility towards acknowledging were it is leading us in terms of being human. It is the loss of that which makes people go mad and the spirit of masculinity go so wrong. This reality is not beyond human understanding. It is just perceived in another way than externalized rational thinking. But he makes a very good point when he speaks about what the outcome is of the devaluation of spirit, or objective interest. When it is externalized, and not part of our objective psychic functioning in both men and women. People will become disoriented and confuse moral responsibility with literal judgements.
In that society people will become dogmatic, inhuman and materialistic. They will loose their ability to connect individual experiences to human life. No matter how brutal, or hostile to life itself those human conditions are, or what has become of that society.

about being uncivilized

From our civilized point of view, we must shame ourselves out, act foolishly and be mischievous, if we are to become humans, but without thinking that this is what we are.
Because it is not.
There is an objective from within that comes as a reaction to the conditions which we are situated in. And by letting oneself have a go with it, we are trying to behold our internal oracles as its source. In this case it is a socially completely uncivilized psychic character, it is our suppressed native, and original being. The part of us that is in denial and the world will suffer.
He will tell us all about the excessive conventionality and rationalism we are exposed to, or use on ourselves to cage our minds with. The more sofisticated or civilized we are, the darker he will be. He will show us all kinds of sad and horrible things that will come out of it when we are not paying attention, or identify ourself with him. From poverty to beggars, alcohol and drug addiction. To inequality, idealism and all kinds of impulsiveness, abuse and pertinacious extremism. We make him compulsive.
In one sense he is our true reaction to an invasive world. The ancestral force of subversion to the current state of affairs in a group or collective. To what we have become subjected to, and to what we have to deal with inside the world.
But if we take his reaction literally, and not as an objective event. Or he is viewed upon as something personal. An individual aberration that needs treatment, something we need to abolish. We are going to start to treat other people and ourselves accordingly.
Our reaction to his influence is how far from being we have come with civilization.
We have taken almost all humanity out of it. In fact, we have become so ”civilized”, that we don’t even really question the conditions by which this so called civilazation works on the perception of its individuals when it comes to just being human.

About being a ”civilized” being

There is always going to be an opposition in us between our ”civilized”, rationalized academic way of life, and our ”indigenous” or uncivilized anti-intellectual way, where our nature, when not given proper attention, will turn us into dumb compulsive and irrational beings. Not really relating our psychic experiences to life and to other people. Because when we surpress that life, as we have done for such a long time by desecrating it in our collective life, and in favour of civilization. We have created a completely conceptual religious and materialistic reality which have not only distanced us from our selves, from our nature and moral responsibility, but it has also distanced us from our experience of immediate knowing and the validity of paradoxical thinking. Booth of which are just opposite parts of any personal make up.
From our ”indigenous” side we can experience the immediate knowing of the oracular, revelatory and ancestral resources of the mind that are shut off from us by conditioning and upbringing.
But we defend against it with our conventionality.

about the origins of being

When I trace my ancestry I can follow my linage all the way back to the psychic origins of our first and original ancestors, and the true source of my being.
By finding my way to them, I do not invent their originality, I experience them.
They are behind the mentality of all my statements about psychic happenings and world events.
In a sense, they stand outside of history because they provide me with a creative relation to our timeless being. They are the involuntary psychic heritage and inferred meaning behind a world of their making. Their doings is the template from which all life emerges. They are always there and I am the product of their intentions.

The creative present of the future

As the life of the psyche arises out of organic life. It has the unique quality of creating itself through its own activity. It is from within this womb of mother nature itself that all the world events are born.
And it depends on us whether we help coming events to birth and give shape to all life, or whether we turn it into poison.

about being exposed to nothingness

If I cannot relate the themes of my psychological processes to actual situations and to other people. Their behaviour will make me feel confused and desoriented. Its like trying to relate to something that doesnt exist. They will really make me feel that none existent and empty.
Its like being exposed to a grave.

About faith

Even if we are coming from a learned or forced devaluation and neglection of our being, we no longer need faith to believe in the impulses, sufferings and anguish we experience from the psyche. Nor do we need any endorsement to believe in any of the material that claim our attention from within. We will still carry it with us everyday as our common source of pychological reality as we do it with any kind of objective experience. Behind it we will even find our modern way of initiation. And we don’t need to believe in neurological pathways to be able to have it. It’s a symbolic reality. And the material offered to us is still going to affect us wheather we choose to acknowledge it as our reality or not.
It is what we are.

About being from Norrbotten

Being born in Norrbotten, Sweden is to be born with a certain kind of proudness. You are proud in a certain sense of being. But not like the citified people from the southern part of Sweden have it.
That is not proudness.
This is about a collective memory of a relation to oneself. And what we are surrounded with by birth. Its about having a relation to appearance by how it connects to our beingness.
We are aware of this relation because we are born with it.
Our being has made us constantly aware of this relation between what people are, and what they appear to be. And it is what sets us apart from people down south.
This is also what generates our kind of stubbornness. Often experienced as distrust by outsiders. But what it really is, is proudness. Everything depends on being relatable by being.
We dont like to give in to appearence.

Psyche materialized

There is a big difference for mankind in acting on the psychological material of the world, and participate in the balancing of the natural forces of our nature on a metaphysical plane. Since once it has materialized in the physical world, it is already to late.

About personality

When what we commonly call personality, or how we want to appear to other ends, it is replaced by idealism and imagination.

Before this, we came from somewhere

As we move further into life, we have to leave what has up to a certain point been our introjected frame of mind. We have realised that to preserve the integrity of our self, we now have to bring ourself back from where we have been in parts, and misplaced. We have to return to the origins of what we are.
So we move on and we discover that we have been born into our parents and grandparents ancestral psychological settings. And as we continue on, we learn about the mindset and memory of the society wherein that has been embedded. But as we are living in those settings, we also have to find our own individual relation to them. How we belong to it all. We really have to find out how this is going to make sense for us. How the source of what we are and the primordial themes of our psychic life can become one again. We will have to connect to our metaphysical ancestors.
The forces facing us as we move closer to them is far beyond what rationality alone can comprehend. And when we as beings in the world turn our impulses inside out, we will become consumed by them. And when engulfed, we try to hold on to something. Anything that can save us from them. And we do that by grouping around a conceptual reality, a political ideology, or whatever we may come across rationally for the purpose of not having to become exposed to the violent forces that threatens us from our within.
The powers we meet here are as irrefutable as they are real.
And we really have to realise what we call wisdom and kindness, has to come from somewhere.

ancestral states of reality

A while ago i stumbled over an excerpt that beautifully described an experience i had that triggered a series of events that completely changed how i perceived everything around me at that time in my life.
I completely broke from the life i had then, and went into an uncharted country. The rational world that up to that point had dominated me, turned into its neglected counterpart.
In short, i came to my senses and its instinctual and cyclical connection with nature.
The excerpt that now perfectly described what then happened to me came from Carl Gustav Jung. It hit me like a combined image of processes, feelings and thoughts. Here it is:
In so far as the spirit is also a kind of “window on eternity”… it conveys to the soul a certain influx divinus… and the knowledge of a higher system of the world, wherein consists precisely its supposed animation of the soul.
Or to put it another way, the energy of my objective interest turned inward, to my senses and that awakened my inner, or psychic relatedness to both myself and to my world. My whole world became both rational and relational. I became aware of myself in a sense of being part of nature inside this past, that went far beyond myself as a single lifetime. And that this somehow, from now on, just had to be integrated into my life.
So by this quote I suddenly realised exactly what had happened to me. What had happened inside of me. Here it was formulated to me in another way, and before this happened to me, such things would have been impenetrable. Now, it was somewhat surprising to me, because Jung is an unbelievably thorough thinker and i can just about think myself out of a paper cup. But the underlying processes that he described confirmed what had happened to me, and made an absolutely clear image of what i went through at that time. I could never had come even close to be able think about my senses like that.
Anyways, at that moment i learned that as he was absolutely true to his experience, and that he was trying to mediate it as being a thinker of our being. And if one is really true to the flow of life as it passes through us, it will always be understandable if we negotiate it from within ourselves.
Our ability to understand what we are is not dependent on how we navigate. It is dependent on how true we are to the origin of our self when we move from our subjective state to an objective reality. That is also why I have always felt uneasy or uncomfortable with people who are repeatedly moving from one objective form of reality to the next. Because the only thing there, is just this formalised collective personality.
There is no self, no individual relationship to being.
Or once again:
So long as the self is unconscious, it corresponds to Freud’s super-ego and is a source of perpetual moral conflict. If, however, it is withdrawn from projection and is no longer identical with public opinion, then one is truly one’s own yea and nay. The self then functions as a union of opposites and thus constitutes the most immediate experience of the Divine which it is psychologically possible to imagine.
I would not use the word divine myself, but it really says something about the true force of nature that we are exposed to from the inside of our ancestral world.

All my relations

My encounters with people depends on an inner connection. I am intimate first of all with myself. To be touched by you i need to be touched within. I listens to the effect of others within. If i am not connected within myself, or if each one within him or herself are not connected, there is not going to be any connection. My self will lack direction to being and to any kind of human intimacy. We will just experience absence, repression, distance and judgemental superficial separation of arguments into opposing extremes. Everything is going to be turned into rational arguments of moral opposites like good or bad. Or maybe clinical ones like what is ill and well. But mostly logical as in true and false mixed up with good and bad to become an infinite loop of arguments leading nowhere on what to accept or not.
There’s not going to be a real connection for me to any real personal experience since intimacy to its largest part has an intuitive dimension beyond the physical one of love and sexuality.
And if this is not just me, then there must be something wrong with most people in this world.
Just watch and listen.
Our normal is really not a good thing.

On masculinity

If one equates masculinity with objective interest, or make an analogy with it like with the wind. But of an internal kind, blowing around inside, and one is undifferentiated from it.
Like a child the ego is going to try to ride this wind, and we are going to be thrown around on it behaving like we were crazy without being able to stop. On this ride there is no real reflection, no inner context in relation to judgement, and no real connection to earth. Or to being. We just continue to behave like restless children trying to control the movements of this energy, or make it behave in certain ways.
At some point in life we have to learn to let it go, we have to release it because we understand that it has its own way and its own direction. We learn the hard way that our erratic behaviour comes from us trying to capture it. But since this is an impossible task and it will completely wear us out, we instead starts to listen to it trying to understand what it have to say. We even try to find out where it wants to go in itself.
And suddenly to this great and total confusion to us, it turns inward, and to earth. It moves there to create this relation to where it is all about relations. And this move comes with its own inherent morals. It is like an initial date that is suddenly turned into a relation, like a marriage. A union between that energy and to a kind of true relatedness. Its like we suddenly become physical beings in a metaphysical world.
And the world one has left behind becomes this one sided world of truly insane conceptual opposites.
A world that is really horrible to ever have been any part of.
Herein lies the very reason to the compulsiveness in my change.

What about climate change 2

More than 10 000 species go extinct each year. They are lost forever from life itself and will never appear again. This is something that happens on a daily basis almost entirely because of habitat loss and soil destruction as a result of our emissions of greenhouse gases, and from our exploitation of earth in terms of deforesting, farming, global urban expansion, mining, oil drilling, water pollution, oil sand extraction, etc.
Because all species live and interact with an ecosystem, that system will also suffer with more of its species lost when we change that system.
The dynamics of all life cycles comes from earth’s cover with soil, as thin as only one-two meters. This thin layer of soil is the foundation of all life. Every ecosystem dynamically interacts with it, and has a total reliability on its ability to host and maintain the constant regeneration of new life.
Life as we know it are completely dependent on it.
We can then discuss our impact, and our losses all we want.
This is where the change now occur. Those plants and animals are not coming back.
We are at a point in time where we are actually disrupting earths ability to create life.

What about climate change

200 years ago there were less than one billion humans living on earth. Between 1900 and 2000, the increase in world population was three times greater than during the entire previous history of humanity. The Earth now has close to 8 billion people.
At the same time in 1900, there were about 5000 cars in the world, and no trucks or buses. In 2010 there were about 1 billion 2 hundred million cars in the world emitting exhaust into the air.
And almost 8 billion people eat, use water, and produce waste and pollution in a way that has never been seen by anything in this scale before in earths entire history.
Not to forget that at the same time human exploitation of our natural resources supplying all those people also increases at the same levels. Up to 500 million tons of heavy metals, solvents and toxic sludge slip into the global water supply every year. In the developing world alone, as much as 70 percent of industrial waste is just dumped untreated into the rivers and lakes.
Our actions effects the earth in a way it has not met before. And this has just happened in the last 200 years of earths history.
From the scientific community’s point of view, there are significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems. And what they find that support a rapidly changing climate is not a perspective. Their results confirms that human‐induced climate change caused by human activities is occurring right now, It is not a question of if it is going to have an effect, it is happening right now. It is all about what the outcome of this effect will be for us. How it will change the earths organism. And where that will leave us in terms of the survival of life on earth.
We are actually already talking about our survival.

The unknown remnants of religion

Christianity really is the religion of psychotic dads. People take pride in being tortured by fathers and treated like slaves to ”his” will. This is what most people in the western world are exposed to whether they know it or not. And they justify their actions in the world by how they themselves have been treated. Or they behave like subservient children who are accustomed to abuse.
No wonder the defensive subversiveness, the relation to life in fear and hopelessness. Or the opression of others, in trying to convert them to ideas and beliefs that belongs to someone else. We become completely ignorant to a bully that comes from our inside and is of metaphysical or psychological origin.

The balance of being

We call it a psychosis when people are completely siezed by their inside world.
What do we call the opposite?
When people are completely ignorant of their inner dialogue and are completely lost to a world full of ideas and social rules taken in a literal sense.

How do we choose our world?

Outside of time we just are. We are subjectively motivated, and we follow an internal logic with its own reference to norms and value systems.
We alone are the sole witnesses to our impressions. To our experiences. Our being here precedes time and also coexists as a source outside of it. We exist in that as that exist in us. It is my original beingness. And that is something that is more valuable to me than any of the collective ideals we prefer to babysit with our ego.
Right here we are also provided with the means to participate in something that is bigger than ourselves.
It is where we reconnect to nature. To the directness of our oldest eternal settings of the psyche.
It has always been there, and we often unknowingly choose to acknowledge it by assigning transcendental values to the generalisations of someone or something at the expense of its, or his or hers individuality.
And to our horror, looking at the world, the ones least respectful of being is also the ones we seem to choose as our leaders since the shape of this world is determined by who we follow and what their relationship to being is.

About Sacred time and Profane time

In my world there have always been two separate sets of time operating simultaneusly.
They are often related to as profane time and sacred time, or cosmic time and historical time. Together they constitute a continuity of my being. Profane time is linear and has a beginning and an end. Sacred time is timeless, with no beginning, no end and no direction. I have always had a preference for the psychological aspects of sacred time. I have relied on it to guide me since it was from here that i felt that my being was given its real values. I was in it, and it was in me.
Everything linear was temporary. And the temporary aspects had its beginnings in sacred time as the origin i always felt myself close to. It was from there everything was created and it was from here everything was going to be recreated.
For a limited time, all that appears originates from this. Me, men, women, earth, stars, trees, birds, grass, vind. Everything.
But for some, this sacred time is just childhood. Nothing more. It ends there.
For me it has always been much, much more than that.

The collective attitude

It suddenly dawned on me that the rational language and words of psychology has become the only acceptable way for an individual in our collective to mediate any of his or hers inner life, if he or she want to be taken as a serious witness to any form of order behind our individual experiences. Any other way is viewed upon as outdated and is going to be treated with suspicion, or it will be regarded as insubstantial.
It will even be ridiculed and considered naive.
But this is how to present subjectivity if we really want to get listened to, or want to be taken seriously. It is how we can try to enter that world from the inside. Not through any direct individual experience. You are not allowed to turn the world inside out.
Just bring any such subject up in a discussion, pay attention to how people react and first take a more imaginary and descriptive approach. Try to describe things in in your own words. Then change that by referring to psychology and the accepted wordings of this approach and everyone is suddenly going to feel much more comfortable.
The more impersonal you get the more comfortable they will feel.
It is really taking something heartfelt and sincere out of us as individuals in any given situation to do that. And it is even painful at times.
But we are going to get ourselves a new perspective on this small minority that we like to call individuality by reconnecting consciously to the world in this way. And maybe, just maybe, we can live without hitting everyone in the head with a hammer to see if we can get through to others in our own way.

About cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is about psychological relations. It is about watering down a living relation to certain psychological contents and then converting that content into a conceptual reality. It is something that is done when we think we can access its content by rational means only. By omitting the relationship to a genuine psychological experience.
Our rational mind can only follow the natural flow of psychic life as it passes through us. But it is not from rationality it originates, it is not its source. And we cannot access that flow outside its own reality.
That knowledge is shared to us as we are going through the difficulties that surrounds it.
It is not something that is done by how we are dressed, or what attributes of a collective we identify ourselves with.
Cultural appropriation is the act of turning a psychological relation to life which does not belong to you, into an intellectual concept.


There is one side of us where no one else can follow.

About Being and Identity

Our being, or to be in that simple state we like to call being, is not an inactive state of nothingness. It is where we are closest to the identity of our form of being.
Here is the battleground between our pre- conditional forgotten metaphysical memory of what we are, and later collective attempts to change our perception of what that nature really is.
This is an extremely active personal state of being.
It is right here that our true identity, and the entire nature of that whole being becomes visible.

About the pre-materialistic world

The christian merge with capitalism have always coincided with colonisation, with the re-education and desecration of traditional values, and a conversion of other cultures into a christian one for profit, giving colonialism its legitimacy.
But not all of them wanted to be citified and live without an intimate connection to the natural world. Most of them didn’t want to be molded into the religious, economic, political, or educational system of our world.
And there are still people who doesn’t want to live in a designed world created by someone else on convictions that doesn’t belong to them.
The world they know was already there.
It was already in them.

Logos is not spiritual reality

No political ideology. No literal religious belief. No -ism what so ever. Or any philosophical view, can offer any metaphysical nourishment without femininity.
It is just conceptional reality disconnected from the source of life.
We are merely babysitting some of our collectives most cherised thoughts with excessive rationality in the same sense that excessive femininity can end up with collective statements as unconditional and literal truth.

Femininity makes Logos

If i was to describe femininity i would say it is psychic relatedness. But then i am also aware that it is just a concept, one way to assign comprehensibility to my own experiences. It is my femininity. How my imagination make my psychic reality perceivable to me.

About new technologies

The problem we get with our relationship to new technologies is not the false sense of community we get with them. It is the conceptual collective reality we create regardless of the media or technology used, as opposed to our experience of being in the natural flow of life, that has its own highly apparent existence whether we choose to recognise its presence or not.

About egoism

It seems like the only thing balancing up the collective protocol and its agendas right now is egoism. But on the other hand, if it get strong enough, it will be put into good use when facing its own current madness.

A change of place

Where we were born, and with which we grew up is part of who we are. We are surrounded by that place memory and history.
When we leave this place, we also leave that part of ourselves. And in a new place, a city or maybe a town, we are going to be surrounded by new people, and another kind of ancestral memory.
We are going to be surrounded by moments and memories of a place that do not belong to us.
It is a bewildering experience from which we must find a new perspective on our individuality.
But for some time, we are going to be in this place called chaos.

Life is everywhere

Indigenous people have been viewing the flow of life from within for more than eight thousand years. They have known that the rational side of life, or patriarchal side, should assist and work to support the natural flow of life as it passes through us. They know that the world that we are in, is also inside us. And this is what ensure the survival of all life.
But then the plague of christian colonisation of ancestral memory swept over the world as it tried to save the world from itself.
And now this world and the origin of its species needs to be saved from them.

Our way of life

We have been manipulated to live less and less in tune with our own impulses, and in the intellect for so long that we now live our lives almost completely inside a conceptual reality.
Our human nature have been slowly distorted through generations of grinding in the mechanical demands of a system. The economic system, the employment system, the political system, the “justice” system, the educational system. So we no longer have any relation to our own nature. Let alone the experience and perspective of the greater attunement of our inner nature to our planet, to earth.
We are so chained to christian capitalism, to the wheels of commerce, to servitude, to this unrelenting systematic social machine, that when we look at the violence in this world, the wars, the deforesting, the filth and pollution, the injustice, the abuse and brutal violation of indigenous people and other atrocities created by our culture, we fail to see that we are also looking at ourselves. Our repressed native life. Or life close to nature, far from the mind of citylife.
We are really looking at our own anger, our own rage over being captives. It is an individual outburst of rebellion. This is how our spontaneus life rebel against the onesidedness of our rationality.
We just fail to see that it happens inside ourselves, apart from the collective. So unknowingly, we make sure it is going to happen out there.

Being is not a fixed present

From the perspective of individuality, time is an objective experience and eternity closely related to ones subjective state of being.
In this context, less time is therefore more being. Or more eternity.
It is another kind of time.

About awareness and presence

Without ever thinking about it, most people have unknowingly adopted the christian view that only humans have a soul. Or have any part in the soul of the world. And it is by christian men alone having this, that only they can create a psychological relationship with the world at large.
It is with this attitude we justify our own importance and loose our perspective for the natural world and behave superior to nature.
This attitude makes us fall into our own wilderness, we start worshipping our own agendas.
We become an out of hand destructive element polluting all areas of the world on which we depend because we are downsizing our fundamental capacity to relate. We are as much part of someone else’s environment as they are part of ours. The world in which we live is also the world which lives in us. By turning off the world we are no longer part of something opposite of our own rationality, discrimination and judgement.
As with all creatures, from stars to humans, to insects. We share in our own consciousness a form of a primary chaordic force. We each mirror a part of that consciousness. Of that relatedness opposite of rationality.
With the onesidedness of rationality, we are no longer able to recognise this, or how it relates to the context in which we live.
We loose a profound expression of what we are.
This christian bulldoze view of superiority has merged with capitalism without moral or ethics, to create what we call our modern world as an opposite to the native world of relations.
And it is completely out of control.

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